Our practice


Our center was founded in 1965 by Dr. Miguel Roig Comas.

Since then our goal has been to meet the real demands of our patients. To achieve this we have formed a team with the best professionals with experience and good preparation, that strive to be continually formed to offer the best service.

Also we incorporate all the equipment and proven technology, to put at your service. Thus we can offer our patients the knowledge, experience and techniques that best suit their specific needs and possibilities.
And always providing input to the highest standards of quality in simple / economic techniques and complex / expensive. We are very proud of the many members of different generations

many families who come to us, and the many good references of our patients to their family and friends. We hope to be able to continue offering the best oral health attention in the atmosphere of trust and cordiality that has characterized us since our inception. Today we work in two centers located just 25 meters away. The office “usual” in Gran de Gracia 266, 1st 1st, and most recently, Plaza Lesseps 2 at street level.

Experience trust

 icono-resultadosexcepcionales2 Exceptional

Exceptional level of care and dental attention. Our training and experience ensures the quality and durability of the results, whether your treatment needs are simple
as complex.

 icono-calidadsobresaliente2 Outstanding

The best quality of treatment that dentistry can offer. We have extensive experience in dental implants, restorative dentistry, periodontics, aesthetics dentistry and cosmetic, endodontics and orthodontics.

 icono-reconocimientointernacional2 International

Alta reputación entre los profesionales de la odontología a nivel nacional e internacional, especialmente en el tratamiento de casos de restauración compleja. Muchos de de nuestros casos vienen referidos por otros profesionales.