Our specialties

Dental implants offer a permanent option to people who have lost teeth, have non-treatable failing teeth or wear removable dentures.

The treatment of dental restoration may include a wide variety of treatments such as teeth whitening, brackets or canal treatments.

It consists of individualized treatment. We look at your dental problem and provide the optimal solution for your dental health and function, and a natural and beautiful appearance.

Canal treatment saves many teeth that would otherwise be extracted. It includes removing the damaged or dead pulp tissue inside the tooth root canal system.

The treatment of periodontal disease is complex and requires extraordinary cooperation from the patient. It is a strict maintenance of dental hygiene.

Orthodontics includes correction of malpositioned teeth, crowded or spaced and close gaps between teeth and correct way to bite. This is accomplished through brackets.

We treat children at all ages, with special emphasis in prevention.Children with poorly positioned teeth and skeletal malformations.

Technique and Technology

We make our best to provide you the most advanced technology.

All necessary to provide the latest advances in dental restoration and conservation. But only to demonstrate clinical efficacy contrasted. Technology to take care not to impress.

University linkage enables close contact with industry and experimentation of new technologies, in the case of utility incorporate them into our consultation.

Resin composites

In 1988 we stopped using dental amalgams for direct teeth restorations, using since then only the best resin composites in the market in terms of aesthetics and reliability. We now use fluorescent composites in the aesthetic zone to better match the true dental color in all enviroments (restaurants, beach, office or disco).That allows us to achieve the best aesthetic result in obturations, fractured teeth reconstruction, diastema closure or direct veneers.

3D scanning

Low radiation dose/High definition 3D radiological system to better diagnose and more securely treat you.

Digital radiography

To achive better quality images (and a better diagnostic process) with a lower radiation dose.

Premium dental equipment

What you do not see is also important. Premium dental equipment (Sirona), to better treat our patients.

All ceramic restorations

We try to reduce the use of metal in our indirect restorations. For aesthetic, health and enviromental reasons. Systems such as Emax, LAVA, or ZirconZan have been rutinely used in our practice for years. CAD/CAM systems are also routinely used to manufacture our restorations.

Outstanding dental technicians

To achieve the best results the lab work has to be done by experts. We work with some of the best dental labs in the country, internationally renow. If necessary, our membership to some of the most selective international dental scientific societies allows us to easy access the best dental technicians in the world.

Invisible orthodontics

A good placement of the teeth allows not only a better aesthetic aspect, but a better oral health as well. As more and more adult patients need and want to receive orthodontic treatment, we try to minimize the aesthetic impact of the treament by transparent braces, lingual braces (placed in the inner aspect of teeth) or transparent guards (Invisalign®)

Dental implants

In the dental market there are many producers. Many of them just copy other products and do not have scientific support. We try to avoid “clonic” implants and sty in original guaranteed products. We are usiing now mainly Nobelbiocare implants either NobelReplace or Nobelactive, depending of the type of bone and tooth position.

Computer guided implant surgery

When indicated, we place our implants with a surgical guide designed with a computer software. It is a fast (“teeth in an hour”), minimally invasive and precise surgical system.

Dental bleaching

We have widely tested all the bleaching systems in the market. And we know that the best resuls are not achieved by neither the most expesive nor complex systems. Please don not hesitate to ask.

Strict and Safe disinfection and sterilization protocol

For your safety and our staff safety we strictly control our sterilization process. lease ask our staff member if you have any doubt.

Clinical microscope

In order to performe delicate dental procedures magnification is a must. We routinely use loupes in our treatments, and when needed, also a clinical microscope. We have two in our practice. Some procedures as root canal treatment or procelain veneers requires the use of clinical microscope to achieve the quality standards.